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Is Your Printing Job Ready?

We’re ready to make it happen.

Universal Productions Provides Excellent Printing Services in Kamloops

Universal Reproductions & Engineering Supplies has been providing printing services in Kamloops for over 30 years. Our clients know they will receive what they came for, with our top-quality printing solutions for everything from business cards, to reproducing business plans and drawings. We offer mounting and laminating up to 36” wide. All work is done on-site and on time, and all of our printing jobs are customized for your needs. Whether you are looking to bind a report, get a large engineering drawing, or print out a vinyl banner, Universal Reproductions has something for you. Get more done at Universal Reproductions & Engineering Supplies with our comprehensive services, which include:

Even in this age of digital solutions, effective marketing and communication can begin with a well-executed print job, be it a sign, a business card, or a spec manual. Ensure your project has a customized, professional image with Universal Reproductions & Engineering Supplies.

Please note that while our jobs are customized, they are not templated.

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