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Come to Your One-Stop Print Shop in Kamloops

For smaller print jobs, including spec manuals and reports, Universal Reproductions & Engineering Supplies is your one-stop print shop in Kamloops. At Universal Reproductions, we can print up your manual, have it hole-punched or bound, and have it ready for you, with a quick turnaround, since we do all our jobs on-site. We make sure your job is customized so that your unique voice stays intact. Even in this age of digital media, we know that a fine print-job goes a long way for your business or personal printing needs.

We have the following available to complete your print job with professionalism and thoroughness:

Coil or cerlox binding




Scoring and perforating

Finishing and bindery

Contact us today to get your project printed, bound, and ready to go!

Please note that while our jobs are customized, they are not templated.

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