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Scan Documents, Large or Small, in Kamloops

Entrust your scanning job to the capable hands of our friendly staff at Universal Reproductions & Engineering Supplies. We are your source to scan documents in Kamloops in both black and white, and colour. We are able to scan small documents as well as larger ones, up to 42-inches wide. This allows us to accommodate your drawings, diagrams, maps, blueprints, and architectural drawings. Since we are a one-stop copy shop, we are able to scan and print your documents in a range of sizes. Make sure everyone in your office has a copy of the next plans by getting your documents scanned with Universal Reproductions & Engineering Supplies.

Check out our printing options in for small format as well as large format. We want to ensure you can get everything done at Universal Reproductions.

Contact us today to get started on your scanning job.

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